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About Mount Carmel, IL - Happy to be your hometown Plumbing Contractor!

Mount Carmel is a southeastern Illinois city located in Wabash County. The city had a population of approximately 7,284 people in 2010 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Mount Carmel currently serves as the county seat of Wabash County and is the largest city in the county.

Individuals visiting Mount Carmel will find there are several things to see and do around the city. Mount Carmel is situated along the banks of the Wabash and White Rivers, both of which provide visitors and residents boating and fishing opportunities without having to leave the city. Mount Carmel is also home to an 18-hole municipal golf course. The beautiful course draws golfers from all sections of the surrounding areas with all handicaps. Individuals seeking to engage in more relaxing activities should visit Mount Carmel’s city pool, one of the few circular, sloping, family friendly municipal pools in the country. Before cooling off in the water, individuals should take a trip to Beall Woods State Nature Reserve. This several acres park is home to more than 300 native species of trees, beautiful wildflowers and gorgeous wildlife.

Mount Carmel is located in a climate that experiences cold winters and mild summers. Daytime temperature highs throughout the winter months’ range average in the upper-30s. 

Weather throughout the summer season in Mount Carmel is usually mild. Daytime temperature highs average in the mid-80s. At night, temperatures will dip into the 50s and 60s. However, since the city is located in an area that is not immune to heat waves.